V Edition DevOps Spain

DevOps Spain is back! In september 28th you are invited to celebrate the 5th edition of this event, both online and live. The event will take place at the Truss Space in the Wizink Center right in the middle of Madrid.
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Don't lose the opportunity to discover, meet people from around the world, debate, and learn all types of concepts, and real life DevOps experiences that will make you better implement the DevOps world in your company.

September 28th / Truss Space Madrid (Wizink Center) + Online.


Life Cycle:

The SW development lifecycle is an exciting journey of creating functionalities. From planning and design, we set the path for coding to ensure its suitability in terms of quality and security. Success is guaranteed with a great team!


DevSecOps: The epic evolution of software development! 🚀 Fuses DevOps and security in a never-ending collaboration. Accelerate deliveries with maximum protection. Automate tests, monitor, and patch without pause. Brilliant and secure in every iteration!



Automation, the key to unleash the power of your development and operation teams! 🚀 From continuous integration to continuous deployment to automating provisioning ... by automatizing you speed up the process and get rid of recurring tasks. Reduced errors, fast deliveries, and happy customers! 💡

Artificial Inteligence:

AI, the magic touch that revolutionizes DevOps! 🌟 From intelligent planning to bug detection and performance analysis, AI drives efficiency and quality. Create innovative solutions with a super-smart team!




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Registration & Coffee
09:30  to  09:55
Welcome to the V Edition of DevOps Spain with knowmad mood
09:55  to  10:00

Warm welcome to the V edition of DevOps Spain

From Knowmad Mood, we warmly welcome you to this new edition of the most established DevOps conference in Spain, which is taking its international leap with a live broadcast also in English

Keynote with knowmad mood: The Ghost of DevOps' Future Tale
10:05  to  10:30

Through a Christmas tale, we'll see DevOps' evolution with the ghosts of past, present, and future, who will narrate the event's editions and anticipated changes

Through the Christmas tale, we will see through the ghost of the past how DevOps has evolved (through the different editions of this event).

The ghost of the present will tell us about the current situation in which improvements are observed that predict changes that the ghost of the future will finish telling us.

Simplifying Complexity: Unleashing the New Powers of Ansible Automation
10:30  to  11:00

Red Hat's innovation is allowing Infra/Ops teams to bring the power of AI to Ansible automation, through generative AI and the new event-based Ansible workflows.

Red Hat, a leader in innovation, is revolutionizing the way Infra/Ops teams operate. Thanks to their advancements, it's now possible to integrate the power of Artificial Intelligence into Ansible automation. This integration is achieved through generative Artificial Intelligence and is complemented by the innovative event-based Ansible workflows. This combination promises to transform and optimize daily operations.

Artificial Intelligence and the future of Application Security Testing
11:00  to  11:25

AI is reshaping cybersecurity and app security testing. The talk will discuss how AI can manage risks and how Veracode Fix automatically fixes insecure codes.

We must not underestimate the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on application security testing.

Companies are adopting and developing generative artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML) solutions at an unprecedented rate. This is changing the cybersecurity threat landscape and introducing new opportunities for secure software development.

Security vulnerabilities are created faster than they are resolved. There's a simple explanation for this: increasingly, applications are created through automated processes, while fixes for these vulnerabilities are still done manually.

In this talk, we will explain how to leverage specialized artificial intelligence to manage application risks. And how the intelligent remediation solution, Veracode Fix, can repair insecure codes automatically, allowing developers to be more productive and effective.

The Road to DevSecOps Success
11:25  to  11:50

We will explain how to understand the business impact of a single DevSecOps platform with AI capabilities to improve application development efficiency, enhance collaboration, and accelerate time-to-value

In this GitLab talk, we will delve deeply into how a single DevSecOps platform, enriched with Artificial Intelligence capabilities, can transform the business. We'll analyze how this integration not only enhances application development efficiency but also boosts team collaboration and speeds up the time to achieve real value. Through practical examples and case studies, we will provide a clear insight into the tangible benefits this combination can offer.

Descanso para Café y Networking
11:50  to  12:20

Coffee break and networking. We invite attendees to exchange thoughts and business cards. Don't forget to visit our sponsors' stands and the talent of knowmad mood.

It's time for a coffee break and to engage in networking. We encourage all attendees to share their thoughts with each other and with the speakers. It's a great opportunity to exchange business cards and strengthen connections. Moreover, we invite you to approach our sponsors' stands and get to know the talent of knowmad mood up close, who are eager to share their experiences and knowledge.

Secure CI/CD Pipelines: The perfect dream at your fingertips
12:20  to  12:50

CI/CD pipeline security is crucial in an automation and cloud-driven world. Join us to learn how to bolster your systems against common software ecosystem risks.

In a world where automation and the cloud reign supreme, the security of CI/CD pipelines has become the most coveted and often vulnerable crown jewel. Excessive privileges, leaked secrets, vulnerable code and plugins, lack of auditing... All these attack vectors and others have been exploited. Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the challenges of protecting your CI/CD systems?

You're not alone! Considering all these aspects in the DevOps realm requires a lot of time, effort, and expert knowledge. But rest assured, the solution is within your reach.

Join us in this inspiring and transformative session, where we will unveil how to turn the dream of secure CI/CD pipelines into a tangible reality. Through a combination of key principles and practical techniques, we will show you how you can strengthen your systems against the most common software supply chain risks
 What you get?

  • Understanding the Problem: Why is CI/CD pipeline security vital for your business? Find out why you should care.
  • Knowledge is Power: You can't protect what you don't know. Learn about the importance of inventory in the software ecosystem.
  • Fundamental Principles: Discover the three key principles that will guide your path to robust CI/CD security.
  • Practical Techniques: Explore easy-to-implement techniques that offer significant risk reductions in your existing CI/CD tools.


Kasten K10 - Protección de datos y portabilidad de aplicaciones en entornos de Kubernetes
12:50  to  13:15

Kasten K10 is a Kubernetes-native data protection platform that provides operations teams with an easy-to-use, scalable, and secure system for backup and restoration, disaster recovery, and Kubernetes application mobility.

In this talk presented by the renowned company Veeam, we will delve into the depths of Kasten K10, an innovative data protection platform specifically designed for Kubernetes. In a world where Kubernetes has become the standard solution for container orchestration, ensuring data security and recovery is paramount. Kasten K10 has been crafted with the needs of operations teams in mind, offering an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

But don't be fooled by its simplicity: this platform is highly scalable, adapting to the changing demands of modern businesses. In addition to backup and restore capabilities, Kasten K10 also provides robust solutions for disaster recovery, ensuring that your business can continue uninterrupted in the event of unexpected incidents. And for those seeking flexibility in application management, the Kubernetes application mobility offered by Kasten K10 is an invaluable tool.

Join us to discover how this platform can transform and strengthen your Kubernetes data management strategy.

Deploy Postgres everywhere
13:15  to  14:40

In this discussion from EDB, Ton Machielsen will introduce you to, and discuss why you should deploy Postgres; the most use and loved open source database, in various configurations and on various platforms from on-prem to Cloud and Kubernetes.  

In this comprehensive talk presented by EDB, a leader in Postgres solutions, Ton Machielsen will delve deep into the world of Postgres, the most used and beloved open-source database. He will not only introduce you to its core features and benefits but also discuss the compelling reasons why businesses and developers alike should consider deploying Postgres. Given the diverse IT landscapes of modern enterprises, it's crucial to understand how Postgres can be configured to fit various needs. Ton will cover its adaptability across different setups, from traditional on-premises environments to the latest Cloud infrastructures and even Kubernetes platforms. Whether you're a seasoned database professional or new to the realm of open-source databases, this session promises to offer valuable insights into maximizing the potential of Postgres in today's dynamic tech ecosystem

Enjoy a break and a good meal
13:40  to  15:00

It's time to enjoy a break and a good meal. But it's not just an opportunity to recharge. We encourage you to use this time for networking, exchanging ideas, and experiences. Don't forget to visit our sponsors' stands, discover the knowmad mood talent area, and, of course, approach our speakers to get to know them better and address any questions you might have.

Mealtime! Take advantage of this moment for networking, visit the stands, explore the knowmad mood talent area, and chat with our speakers.

Road to AIdevops. The X is out there
15:00  to  15:30

We will try to provide a holistic view of AIdevops. The main technological focuses of AI will be presented, oriented towards the main foundations of the event: Lifecycle, Security-SecDevOps, and Automation

From knowmad mood, we are pleased to provide a comprehensive perspective on AIdevops in this talk. During the session, we will delve deep into the world of AIdevops, addressing key aspects of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and offering detailed guidance on the fundamental pillars of the event. These pillars encompass the application development lifecycle, security in the context of SecDevOps, and process automation.

We will explore how AI is significantly influencing and shaping these fields, and how you can effectively harness its capabilities to optimize and secure your development and operations processes. This talk aims to equip you with a solid understanding of current trends and challenges in AIdevops, ensuring that you are well-prepared to maximize the value of the sessions and discussions at the event.

Observability in the era of AI
15:30  to  16:00

We will explore the potential applications of AI in the field of observability for information systems and the immediate challenges it presents. Additionally, we will examine the progress being made by leading manufacturers in providing solutions.

In this captivating talk, we will delve deep into the realm of observability in the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI). We will thoroughly examine the various possibilities and applications that AI brings to the field of information system observability. We'll explore how AI can transform the way we monitor and comprehend the performance of our systems.

Furthermore, we will delve into the immediate challenges that lie ahead and how these challenges can be tackled through innovative solutions. We'll also highlight the progress and solutions that leading industry manufacturers are developing to harness the power of AI in observability.

If you aim to stay abreast of the latest trends and developments in the observability and AI domain, this talk is an invaluable opportunity to expand your knowledge and understand how these technologies can drive your business forward.

Modern solutions to accelerate service value
16:00  to  16:25

The overwhelming number of technologies to choose from for the creation of modern automated development environments. The scarcity of specialized capabilities in the market. Both points define the complexity of staying aligned with application modernization and service deployment while maximizing cost savings. In this session, we will outline the best decisions for building applications around AWS managed services and their partners.

The overwhelming number of technologies to choose from for building modern automated development environments, coupled with a shortage of specialized skills in the market, defines the complexity of staying aligned with application modernization and service deployment while maximizing cost savings. In this insightful session, we will delve deep into the best strategies and decisions for building applications around AWS managed services and their partners. We will discover how to harness the full potential of the AWS ecosystem for effective and efficient application modernization while optimizing operational costs. This talk will serve as an essential guide for those looking to remain competitive and agile in an ever-evolving world of software development.

Unlock your Enterprise Potential with GitHub: The AI Powered Developer Platform
16:25  to  16:50

Margarita, with 5 years of experience in technology, empowers developers and drives innovation in DevOps. From Microsoft to GitHub, she aims for a greater impact on the community.

Margarita has been working in the technology sector for the last 5 years, passionate about empowering developers and driving innovation. With a strong background in DevOps and a knack for streamlining software development processes, she has assisted various clients in transforming their digital environments. After working as a DevOps consultant at Microsoft for 4 years, she transitioned to the role of Technical Partner Manager at GitHub, where she seeks the opportunity to make a broader impact on the developer community.

Roundtable 5th edition
16:50  to  17:30

A mysterious roundtable with DevOps and technology leaders, where secrets about AI in the DevOps landscape will be unveiled at this 5th edition

In the mysterious backdrop of the 5th edition of DevOps Spain, a puzzle lurks that only the boldest will dare to unravel. Iñigo Chaso and Antonio Francisco Herrera Tabasco, masters in the shadows of knowmad mood, join forces with Pablo Ráezl, a keeper of cloud secrets at Red Hat, along with Luis Boubeta, an elite solutions architect at Red Hat, and Luis Rodriguez, the genius behind Xygeni.

What lies behind their enigmatic gazes? What secrets about AI will they unveil in the darkness? No one knows for sure. We can only tell you that their words will weave a shroud of intrigue, their discussion will plunge into the depths of DevOps and technology, and their ideas will resonate like echoes from a hidden world.

Will AI be their ally or their foe? Who can say? We don't know what they will reveal or how they will do it, but one thing is certain: this roundtable will leave no one indifferent. Join us and venture into the mystery of DevOps Spain V. Do you have the courage to discover the unknown?

Closure and Farewell Cocktail
17:30  to  19:00

We've reached the thrilling conclusion of the 5th edition of DevOps Spain! Join us for our farewell cocktail, where you can enjoy one last networking opportunity, visit the booths, and bid farewell to this incredible experience. We look forward to seeing you!

With the final panel discussion wrapping up and the last presentations still fresh in your mind, we invite you to a special event: the closing of the 5th edition of DevOps Spain. But this is not your ordinary farewell; it's a final opportunity to connect, share ideas, and explore the innovations our sponsors have to offer.

Join us at the farewell cocktail, where conversation flows, and relationships strengthen. With a drink in hand and a relaxed atmosphere, you'll have the chance to interact with your peers, meet the speakers in a more informal setting, and visit the booths of our valuable sponsors.

This is the moment to seal deals, make connections, and reflect on everything you've learned during these days. You won't want to miss this last networking and exploration opportunity. We look forward to seeing you at the DevOps Spain V farewell cocktail!

Sala Truss (WiZink Center)
C. de Jorge Juan, 99, 28009 Madrid, España


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