Miguel Ángel Díaz

Middleware BDM Red Hat

Miguel Ángel Díaz, as Aeronautical Engineer, started designing components of aircrafts and helicopters.

After that, for more than 20 years, he has been working on Software Editor companies in several roles, presales, professional services director, and key account manager,… in companies such as PTC, TIBCO, MicroStrategy.

Also he has work for a system integrator as Business Developer Manager for Big Data.

In February 2015 he joined Red Hat as BDM of the Middleware portfolio, which includes OpenShift Platform (DevOps) and 3Scale (API Management).

Proud father of 2 girls, and stepfather of 3 boys


SW Development: Drive of Innovation and competitiveness.

Auditorio Campus Madrid

Descargar presentación The talk will cover the following points: Understanding, from a high level perspective, of what DevOps, MicroServices and Containers is, and which is the value these technologies bring to organizations. Brief introduction to Openshift: Openshift, is the Red Hat Container Platform that can enable these initiatives at companies. A technical demonstration of Openshift […]

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