Carlos Herrero

Senior Sales Engineer CISCO AppDynamics

Carlos has +15 years experience in APM in different vendors, with a wide background in application development and integration. Now he is a Senior Sales Engineer in AppDynamics, the leader solution in APM. During these years he has been helping different companies and organizations (in different teams and with different culture and processes) to leverage the APM tools in an efficient way to solve application production issues, and to improve performance from preproduction to production.

Mis sesiones


Driving applications and business performance with Appdynamics

Auditorio Campus Madrid

Application Performance Management is about ensuring performance and availability of Software applications, detecting and diagnosing complex issues and guaranteeing the expected level of service. In this talk we will cover: How to assure performance of modern technologies that underpin apps and DevOps adoption by: Automatically monitoring microservices deployed in elastic infrastructures Easily integrating and monitoring […]

En Español En Inglés Información y Reporting Operaciones y Monitorización Verificación y Testing